Jessica Murr, Serial Entrepreneur

I don't follow the industry, I'm leading the way.

About Jessica

I’ve resided in and around the Redding, California area since 1985 and love everything the area has to offer: mountains to climb, rivers to kayak, lakes to fish in, and friendly people.

I first realized I wanted to be self-employed in 2005 and my first entrepreneurial endeavor was cosmetology school.  Feeling like that industry didn’t offer me enough opportunity to give back to my community I continued my search while in the employ of other small business owners in the Mt Shasta area.  I began my career as a real estate agent in 2006 and worked for five years as an independent contractor agent for a local firm. My forte was finding affordable marketing strategies that rivaled the 30-year old marketing efforts of my competitors.  I achieved this success primarily through social media.

In 2010 a business partner and I launched a Social Media Marketing and Consulting firm and had wild success.  As the birth of my first child drew nearer I reduced my role with the company and began contracting with Small Business Development Centers throughout California which allowed me the freedom to chose when to work as opposed to having to always be available for my clients.  I still contract with the Center for Economic Development and stay in touch with the small business support community which is also a great benefit to my real estate firm.

Today my career goals consist of continuing to provide the highest quality customer service to my real estate clients, staying up to date on the latest social media and internet consumer trends, and sharing the information I learn in both industries with anyone who can benefit from it.  I am a continuing student of many disciplines including real estate investing, law, and entrepreneurship.

My priority at home is my children and enjoying every smile, new noise, developmental milestone, and discovery.  Our favorite things to do are make breakfast together, play in our neighborhood parks, and visit our family-owned ranch.  I work from a dedicated home office and the clients I like to work with best are those that understand a happy home life with a successful professional life and respect the boundaries of each.

Earning your trust, conducting ethical business, and operating according to the very family values I so strongly believe in are paramount in helping you find a new home or establish your goals in an investment.  If I share the same values you do, I hope you’ll turn to me for your next real estate transaction or social media marketing question.

Real Estate Broker

The cornerstones of my brokerage are personal relationships and ethical dealings. My clients are like family to me and as family should, I am always looking out for their best interests.

I operate an ambitious real estate brokerage. I was the youngest sales person in the Mt Shasta area when I received my license in 2006. I was also proud to be the youngest Broker there when I received my broker license in 2012. Since then I’ve established myself primarily in the Redding area in Shasta County but offer services to a variety of properties throughout northern California and referral resources across the country.

I don’t long for days past when real estate sold itself; I know that in order to be competitive in today’s market I have to be proactive. Successful buyers, sellers, and investors live by their cell phones, check their email compulsively, and trust their Facebook friends’ recommendations more than the Yellow Pages. Using each of these venues and others I successfully advance my clients’ interests and help them achieve their goals every day.

Social Media Expert

In 2008, as a real estate professional I was looking for the fastest way to reach the highest number of qualified customers for the least amount of money. A dear friend had invited me to join her on right around this time which led me to join my first online social network; it was all downhill from there!
Once I realized the potential for connecting with mentors, partners, clients, colleagues, vendors, investors, and lenders I was off! I joined facebook, I started writing blogs, I joined ActiveRain-a real estate oriented resource for buyers and sellers, completed my profiles on several real estate advertising websites and learned everything I could about search engine optimization. Within 7 days I was at the top of all the search engines for searches related to real estate in Mount Shasta, CA, Lake Shastina, CA, and Siskiyou County, CA.
It wasn’t long before loan officers, surveyors, and other real estate agents were calling and emailing me to get advice about social media & using the internet to build their customer bases. I realized it wasn’t adventagous to help my competition and that 1) other businesses could benefit from what I had learned and 2) agents outside of my territory were not competition.
I was lucky enough to eventually stumble upon a very energetic business partner and together we lauched a service-based company called Social Media Butterflies helping business owners all over northern California to use and understand social media marketing techniques. We delivered presentations to real estate associations, real estate offices, chambers of commerce, business associations, and privately to clients all over northern California. This lead to our names becoming considerably well know in a relatively short amount of time. Soon we were signing contracts with the Small Business Development Center hosted at Shasta College.
I provided no-cost consulting services to SBDC clients from 2010 to 2012 and during that time I also delivered numerous training presentations to groups from 4 to 60 people and signed contracts to provide the same services to North Coast SBDC clients in Crescent City, CA and Eureka, CA.
I still contract with the Center for Economic Development and provide training opportunities for business owners to take more control of their success.
My focus in social media is to create a way to do something new, something better, or something more efficient and I pass that on to my social media clients and students.


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